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Adoption Process 
The majority of animals that come to us for rehoming, come under difficult circumstances, so despite our best efforts we don’t always get a full history on them.
Each dog is individually assessed, even if we do have history on them, as we find a lot of dogs that come to us with “problems” aren’t apparent with a change of environment, training and routine.
However our home environment will be different to the adoptive home so they may display different behaviours in your home that we didn’t experience here. This is to be considered when applying for any of our dogs and each one may take several weeks to fully settle.  There are many aspects to consider before rehoming a rescue dog so please ensure everyone is on board with the time and dedication that both you and the dog may require after adoption.

The animals we have for rehoming are available via our website and once they have finished their assessments more information on the home they require will be written against each individual dog. If you feel you are a good candidate for one of our dogs then please fill in an application form via the website.

Once your application form has been submitted, it is added to file and I work through them in order of receipt.
*Please note that we will only contact you if your application is successful, due to the high volume of forms received we cannot reply to all applications. We always have various applicants for a single animal, so please appreciate we try to find the best possible match for each animal and sadly this may not be you. However, your application, once completed, will stay on file (unless you request that we remove it) and we will still be in touch if we feel we have another animal that will fit your family, even if it isn't the one you specifically applied for. *
If we feel you would be a good match to one of our dogs I will contact you via phone or email to discuss further.

If everyone is happy, we then carry out a home check, we had to change how we carried out home checks over the Covid pandemic with regards to social distancing so we now also accept photos / videos of your home as well as vet references from any previous/ existing pets. Once all home checks are complete and we are happy to continue with the process we will then arrange a meet and greet convenient to both parties. It is preferred that all family members attend initially.
Some dogs that are nervous or lacking in confidence will require numerous visits before we can take the adoption process further so please be mindful of this.

We run on a trial basis, we tend to have a 7 day trial period, however please be aware it can take a dog much longer than this to fully settle. This trial week will give both you and the dog an idea of each other and routine  etc. we will provide everything the dog requires for the trial period.
The dog can be returned to us at any point during this trial.
However if all goes well when the trial is finished you may adopt the dog.
To adopt our dogs we ask for a minimum donation of £300, this covers vet check, vaccinations, microchip, flea & worm treatments & neutering.
If the dog has not already been neutered/spayed there will be a reason for this and this will be discussed at time of adoption.
Each dog has a rehoming contract and if anything changes, must be returned to us, we offer lifetime support to any of our dogs and their families.
The donation we ask for is none refundable. It enables us to rescue more animals in need and help pay towards their care and veterinary treatments.

Please think seriously before you apply for any of our dogs.


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